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How it Works

Platter’s GIFTS allows you to send a sweet gift to anyone, anywhere, with the ease of knowing ONLY their email address! Many are working from home, leaving your gift-giving process complicated. allows you to personalize gifts for each recipient, allowing them to choose their gift and shipping location. Innovative shopping allows you to send the elegance of a gift, but with the simplicity of a gift card.

Choose to purchase gifts from three categories valued at different price levels; Platinum, Gold, and Silver. You may purchase as many gifts as you would like from each category and we will handle the shipping/delivery to your recipient(s).

Decide who will receive your Platter’s Gifts, and select from three option levels valued at $135, $85, and $55. Your recipient will be able to choose a gift from four choices provided within their assigned gift option level. Your recipient will not know what choice or value you selected to give them. Shipping is included with the gift purchase.

When ordering, you will need to gather the following information below for each of the gift recipients. This information will be entered during the checkout process.

Contact Information:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address*

Gift Level Purchased:

  • P (Platinum)

  • G (Gold)

  • S (Silver)

Once your order is processed, the recipient will receive an email from Platter’s GIFTS saying they received a gift from you! They will be prompted to choose a gift from your selected category and complete their shipping information. Once your recipient(s) completes the gift form, the information will be sent to Platter's Chocolates, where it will be packaged and shipped

Place Order

Choose from 1-50 gifts from our selection of gift levels. If you have more than 50+ gifts to send out please call us at (716) 693-5391 or Email us at

Complete Order

Complete your order and make sure you have added the correct number of gifts for your recipients. Fill out the Billing Details

Proceed to Next

Fill out the generated order form on the next page and follow the headings. Business Name is optional, and please use the dropdown tool to select which gift level your recipient will be shipped. We will email your recipient with a link to pick their gift.

Submit for Payment

Once you have the order form reviewed and completed please hit the Submit button and you will be redirected to our payment page. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at (716) 693-5391 or Email us at

Click on each of the images below to see how your recipient(s) will receive your gift.